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Sage Timeslips Billing Cycle Training

This course is ideal for someone with some experience with the basic features of Sage Timeslips.

For this class, if you need to know the process of billing your clients for services rendered, expenses paid, charges due, and to reflect payments received. They are the result of content, format, and placement decisions made throughout Sage Timeslips Software.

Because a bill’s look, language, and detail level result from many interrelated decisions, you should understand the process and the various tools in producing and managing your client.

Course Outline View Outline

  • Client Information
  • Slip Entry
  • Billing Assistant
  • Pre Bill Worksheets
  • Billing Arrangements
  • Generating Bills
  • Basic Bill Design and Formatting
  • Bill Stages
  • Entering Transactions
  • Reports
  • Generating Statements

Additional Information

  • Manual Included
  • View the calendar for dates and locations
  • Sign up here or call 800.766.6770
  • Download PDF

Sage Timeslips Billing Cycle ClassCancellation Policy

Course cancellation must be received in writing five days prior to the course date to be eligible for a refund and are subject to a $50 administrative fee. The class may be rescheduled with no administrative fee. Do not make travel arrangements until your confirmation has been received we are not responsible for any travel expenses.

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